Legacy of the Desert

Anyone who has been captivated by the Egyptian Arabian horse, soon begins to
delve into the history of the horse itself and the culture of the orient from which it emerged, as well as of the people with whom the horse has shared its life.
The Pyramid Society, the Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse, and
Al Khamsa, Inc. offer a fine reading list of publications for purchase to serve the needs of serious students and more casual readers. Several DVD’s are also available through The Pyramid Foundation.

Recently added to the list is The Babson Influence: A Retrospective, published by the Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse. Also available is Moments in Time, the first in a series of anthologies compiled by Joe Ferris and Kent Mayfield from articles previous published by The Pyramid Society. Check the The Pyramid Society website for details on purchase of these important new books.

Additionally, we invite you to refer to an expansive but selective bibliography of printed materials focused on the Arabian horse.