For Breeders

At Second Wind we believed from the beginning that every person who seeks and hopes for the best in life must have a vision, make a design and pursue a purpose. These we believe are the bases of achievement, also, in the breeding of horses.

For a new breeder of Arabian horses—or for a longtime, experienced breeder—answers to the following questions posed by Judith Forbis may suggest one’s readiness to undertake the sometimes daunting challenge of breeding.

  • Understanding: Do I understand the breed and its ideal standard; do I know its history before I try to breed it?
  • Vision: What is the best type of Arabian for me? That is what bloodlines, family or strain of horses and what specific “look” within the breed standard do I want to create to set my horses apart?
  • Purpose: Have I developed the sense of purpose and focus to enable me to obtain my goals?
  • Design: Am I developing plans to make my purpose effective and to make my vision come true?
  • Dedication: Am I prepared to dedicate a significant part of my life to this undertaking?
  • Patience and Perseverance: Knowing that success succeeds and never precedes, will I have the qualities of endurance to make me a “stayer” and not give up under adverse circumstances?
  • Sacrifice: Am I willing to make the necessary sacrifices, knowing they will come knocking at the door along with golden opportunities.

Judith Forbis: Authentic Arabian Bloodstock II (adapted)

Give the questions some thought as you anticipate breeding one of your fine mares to a stallion at Second Wind. Be assured that we are here to be of assistance and support along the way. You give us something important to do, something to care about and something to hope for!