We call our place “Second Wind”

Set high on a ridge in the rugged hills of southwestern Wisconsin, Second Wind is a small farm committed to the preservation of authentic, athletic Arabian horses. This is the part of Wisconsin described by Ben Logan in The Land Remembers, a “place of dreams” where oak savannahs mark the intersection between more open areas to the West and the sharper ravines and gullies of left over from Ice Age glaciers. It is also the site of American Players’ Theater and Frank Lloyd Wright’s studio and school, Taliesin, down the road in Spring Green. Just across the canyon from Second Wind is that quirky delight of tourists: The House on the Rock.

We call our place “Second Wind,” because it has given us a much-needed opportunity to take a deep breath and start over after years of hectic, urban life. At Second Wind, one will find others who are getting their “second wind,” as well: A limited herd of Arabian mares representing the heritage of the Arabian desert— Asil, Al Khamsa and Straight Egyptian—plus one cat and a magical rescue-case dog.

The horses are at the heart of our life at Second Wind. We honor the Arabian horse for its physical beauty, of course. However, we have come to believe that this unique animal is with us not so much as servant but as companion and guide in our quest for spiritual beauty, balance, and meaning.

Our first mare came to us from the Hadaya Egyptian Stud, Hadaya Fayekaara, the Al Khamsa daughter of the fabled *Turfa mare, Imaara and sired by Ramses Fayek.
Since then, we have added a number of mares, each producing for us a yearly bounty of delightful foals. Ours could hardly be described as “show-barns,” but over a relative few years our well-tended sheds have been home to Egyptian Event champions, regional Class A winners, successful track stars and dressage performers.

Our foals are consistently excellent, proving the wisdom of breeding the best to the best.

Now, with the return of the exotic, flaxen chestnut stallion CN Jericho, Second Wind moves into the new millennium with strong confidence in the highest quality Egyptian Arabian bloodstock.

We enjoy visitors at Second Wind. With just a little warning, we’ll brew a pot of tea or coffee, and be ready to put out the welcome mat.